The American Legion Department of Oregon


Opportunity Awaits
There are many different ways to distinguish yourself at Boys State.  Here are just a few of them.

American Legion Boy’s Nation
Boys Nation is a national session held in Washington D.C. Much like the Boys State program, Boys Nation is a mock government run by students. Oregon Boys State selects two citizens from its citizenry to attend this highly prestigious session. The American Legion staff and Program Staff select four candidates through an interview process by ranking among the highest of all the nominees and going through a second round of interviews. After selection, a general election selects two candidates as “Boys State Senators” and they go to Washington D.C. The runner’s up are alternates in case the Boys Nation Representatives are not able to attend the national session in Washington D.C.

Samsung Scholarship
American Legionnaires select the winner based on pre-determined criteria as established by the national organization of The American Legion. The winner at Oregon Boys State will receive a $1,000.00 scholarship. In addition, he will be eligible for a $20,000 scholarship. The citizen must be a descendant of a United State military veteran. Submit your application online prior to attending Boys State. For information, check out the eligibility requirements and application procedure on this page.

First Citizen
The First Citizen is the individual whom the Boys State program staff feels best exemplifies the spirit of Oregon Boys State. The Program Staff will chose a First Citizen through an evaluation process. Upon his return to Boys State, he serves as the spiritual leader of the program the following year, leading the program and citizens through their daily schedule, maintaining discipline and morale, and supporting the needs of the executives and program staff in the coordination of the program.

First City and First County
The Boys State program staff and executives observe the involvement of all citizens, counties, and cities during all aspects of the program throughout the week. They will judge Cities and Counties based not only on the successes of individuals within the group, but also on activities of the group as a whole. The display of positive energy, engagement, problem solving ability, teamwork, and leadership is the basis for judgment. The First Citizen announces the outstanding city and county of the year’s session at the closing ceremonies.

Bob Fawcett Junior Counselor Leadership Award
This award is named in honor of Bob Fawcett, Boys State Director from 1984-1988. The Junior Counselor with outstanding leadership, personal skills, and proven responsibility receives this award. Program Staff and executives choose this position.

The American Legion Bob Holmes Leadership Award
The staff member best exemplifying the spirit of the Oregon Boys State program receives this award. The Program Staff select one of their group for his contributions and leadership during the session.

Grady Bourell Award
A senior staff member will receive this award for leadership among the senior staff showing dedication to the program and vision with respect to the future of Boys State. The Staff select the recipient of this award.

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