The American Legion Department of Oregon


Oregon Boys State:

  • Challenges you to grow, improve, achieve
  • Prepares young men in their Junior year of High School for the challenges of adulthood
  • Teaches leadership, governance, and civics in a non-partisan manner
  • Is hands-on, interactive, and fun!

2021 BOYS STATE/Girls State Combined Virtual

June 14th & 15, 2021

The 2021 program will be virtual and conducted in the Zoom format, June 14-15th. The packets the boys and girls will receive will have all essential information to attend this program including access to breakout sessions and joint sessions with Oregon Girls/Boys State. The Oregon Boys State Committee to share guest speakers that we feel will have an impact on both boys and girls. We will also have guest speakers for the boys and girls only. This is a huge endeavor and we are very excited to bring this to you.

Dates: June 14 – 15, 2021

Virtual with Girls State

  1. Download the file to apply for the 2021 Oregon Boys State.
  2. The file is a fillable form.
  3. Have the student fill-in as much information as they have, print the form, and take it to their school to fill out the school section.
  4. After the application is complete, turn it into the sponsoring Post to complete and send to Dept. Headquarters.

The deadline for application submission is

JUNE 6th 2021


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